Irish Lives Matter


Irish Lives Matter   Éireannaigh Go Deo

IRISH MEN AND IRISH WOMEN: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom.

Illegal Immigrants who come from outside EUROPE get better treatment than the Irish, our pensioners, student nurses, armed forces, teachers, working poor, middle squeeze. Tax payers are screwed to the floorboards. The Irish who built this country are second class in Ireland, there is no refugee homeless crisic. ONLY IRISH PEOPLE HAVE A HOUSING AND HOMELESS CRISIS.  

#IrishLivesMatter  #IrelandIsFull  #KickRacismOut  Irish people want to help real refugees, they do not turn up at our borders win no documents. Every 26 seconds a women is in South Africa is raped and In South Africa in 2022 over 900 your girls at 9 years old got pregnant. Over half the murders in Ireland in 2022 were comitted by people from outside Ireland.

Never forget who built this country, parents and grand and great great grand parents parents. Irish people should decide who comes into our country as we voted no in the Nice and Lisbon Treaty.

Ireland has a National Emergency Regarding Illegal Migration. We should have no immigration from outside Europe with any background checks for the next 10 years and no more citizenship. Ireland is Bankrupt and Full and we are an island and no direct flights from Georgia, Albania. Africa and Asia, yes we have to help the Ukraine and real refugees. Ireland did not colonize anybody, in 2022 19,000 people claimed political asylum here that came from another safe country and claimed legal fees of 50k per person not including 4* hotels, free medical cards, dental, glasses, clothes, food, money and prams. Yes, help real Refugees and the Ukraine's. In total Ireland has spent Billions on fake refugees. The Dublin agreement says you claim asylum where you land. We have a housing hospital and school crisis because of illegal migration our school teachers and nurses live with their parents because they can’t afford rent, remember we live on an island in Western Europe surrounded by the sea. The war in Syria war has finished let's send them home. Explain all this to the men and women of 1916 Rising Another Plantation.
Mna Na hEireann are at the centre of our culture and history and we should do more for gender equality and pay equality and child care.

Treating Women as second class, FGM, Period Shaming, Child Brides, Stoning Women Adulterers to death, segregation of women forced marriges, Triple Talaq and girls not allowed to go to school.

Look at Lebanon no integration, only separation and fighting exactly the same as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nice, Paris and Sweden, can Ireland not learn from this? The Plantation of Ireland is coming from Africa and Asia. Asians are the most racists in the world they have a caste discrimination system racially profiling Indian people, in South Africa 40% of women are raped in their lifetime by African men.

January 2023 500 people turned up in Dublin Airport and had no documentation, airplanes and their companies should be fined for every error and send these people back to where they came from.

HOUSE THE IRISH NOT THE WORLD. The Illegal Refugee arrives on our island is entitled to everything for free. This is our new Plantation from Outside Europe, and lets us protect our girls from African, Asian and Pakistani grooming gangs. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe from Migrants outside Europe and in 2021   355 shootings and 47 deaths.

The Irish are supposed to have the second highest GDP and the richest country in the world , tell that to our teachers, nurses and army along with professions and the 170 Irish men and women who died of homelessness last year.

Ireland is losing jobs and tourists because of a lack of housing because of fake refugees and visa overstayers. YES LETS HELP REAL REFUGEES but not the ones that turn up at our door step after passing 20 safe countries and multiple claims in different countries with their iPhones and Nike runners.

We are obliged to put a roof on someone from 5,000 km away and we can’t put a roof over our own 170 Irish Men and Women died last year from homeless.

Ireland gladly helps real refugees and she gives away 1 billion a year in foreign aid which is the 10th highest in the world per capital,

The Dublin agreement says you can claim asylum where you land. Sean Deegan, the former Barrister appointed by the Department of Justice to sit on a tribunal dealing with asylum claims: he interviewed 500 failed asylum seekers and found that only 2 out of 500 were telling the truth.

In East London in the UK 2022. 24 men were convicted of murder 15% of them were English 85% were foreigners, Enoch Powell was right when he read a letter from 1 of his constitute Rivers of Blood.

In march 2022 3 asylum seekers from Palestine who already claimed asylum in Italy, then take a trip to Dublin claim asylum again we had nowhere to put them so we spent 500 euro on a taxi to Mayo because we had nowhere to put IN Dublin MADNESS

Irelands needs to act on the Dublin Agreement or Ireland will drown in illegal immigrants. Migration is not a human right from Georgia, Albanian, Africa and Asia, we are an Island. Front-ex is a joke in protecting European borders. Air planes and Boat companies should be fined if the person paper work in not correct, if you want to come to Ireland from outside Europe apply for a visa. Ireland needs skilled people from the 4 corners of the world.

Irish Lives Matter firstly wants to thank all the people on our frontline services, especially the ones who work in the health services, who are from the 4 corners of the world. Ireland Salutes You. If we had paid our Nurses and Doctors fairly and helped them with housing and cheap loans, we would not have needed to bring in inferior Doctors from around the world, some of whom have bad English and fake qualifications. In 2010 Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy said multiculturalism had failed. Tony Blair said most Muslin hold views that are incompatible from the western world and there are 99 Shari Courts in the UK in 2022, Shari means non beliers are second class citizens in our country.

Ireland should be helping genuine refugees and house them close to their home. Not only will it be cost effective but we will be able to help more, anybody who turns up at our borders should be treated as economic refugees and deported straight away.

In 1 year immigrants outside Europe could dominate our country. This is what multiculturalism brings, this is not racism or xenophobia, we should be protecting our way of life from outside influences. Yes we have to respect other cultures as we did when the Irish roamed the world because of the Crown Forces.

Everybody is entitled to voice their opinion, but you cannot make up facts. Padraig Pearse, Michael Collins and the valiant men of women in Ireland made this happen over 100 years ago.

People want to come to Ireland to better their future, I get that the Irish did the same for over years because of oppression and famine from The Crown Forces.

Soon we won't be able to fly our flag or sing Amhrán na bhFiann in case we offend somebody else's tradition. In England Christmas and Easter is under attack and pork and beef will be banned from school menus because, IT OFFENDS OTHER TRADITIONS.

We have a unique history: 40k Scottish farmers The Plantation of Ireland they invaded and stole our land, look at the issues that they caused, traditions don't mix in the world. This is starting again, look at Lebanon as an example.

In 2001 Holy Cross Northern Ireland, young catholic children were not allowed to walk to school because it offends another religion.

Anyone from Europe coming to Ireland should have a job and not beg outside shops or look for free social housing Put your shoulder to the wheel or go home and we should not be sending Children's allowance to people who Don't live in Ireland.

In South Africa in 2022 nearly 900 your girls between 9 -10 were pregnant, in Turkey 450 were killed in domestic violence, in India women in the Capital city women have had their own train carriage to stop men molesting them. in Pakistan there are rape gangs and in the UK 98% of grooming gangs are from Pakistan. Imran Khan when he came to power said the biggest issue he had was the rape of kids, this is all from Africa and Asian men, not all men are the same.

In Cologne 1,200 women were sexually assaulted at a New Year’s party. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe from African and Asia immigrants

In Pakistan and India and Africa or China if the foetus if it is a baby girl there is a good chance the unborn foetus will be aborted because it's not a boy. This is not our culture.

By 2040 England and France could be an Islamic country. This is what Multiculturalism brings.

Ireland rejected both the Nice and Lisbon Treaty and had a referendum held in 2004 to remove the automatic right to citizenship which was passed by 80%.

Christine Buckley was a true hero of Irish Lives Matter. a young black lady born in Ireland in 1946 and treated with no respect, Christine I hope you found peace. #KickRacismOut

Irish Men and women are the poorest in the world, 2 doctors, 2 teachers, 2 nurses and 2 trade persons cannot afford to buy a house and are paying 3.000 monthly, while the working poor, squeezed middle and the taxpayer are screwed to the floor boards.

Fine Gael and Labour spent millions of our money on water meters, that money should have been spent on leaky pipes, years ago we got green bins, why don’t we roll out water harvesting containers, and loans for solar panels on our houses along with thousands of wind farms in the right places. Energy Efficient.

Why did we give away our fisheries rights and the Corrib gas field remember Irish men were jailed for protesting, Ireland never got a penny, a Canadian pension fund owns it and wrote it all off in taxes.

Where was the Central Bank and Finical Regulator Asleep? why do we have vulture funds cuckoo's nest.

Irish People are the most heavily taxed people in Europe, Employers Tax, Inheritance tax, stamp duty, local properties taxes, car vrt the list is endless.

There is no shame in housing the Irish first for social housing, Ireland has 12.000 homeless, and the children’s allowance should only be given to children who reside in the state, Ireland in 2023 has period poverty and food banks to feed our people, we are 230 Billion in DEBT the 3rd highest in the world, did we spend it on F16, Submarines, Destroyers Illegal Fake Refugees. Remember the 48 Irish Men and Women died on UN Duties.

Our Famine or Holocaust could have been help by the UK, the  government instead the stole our corn, wheat and livestock. Ireland should look for compensation from the UK and our lands given back, remember the song Trevelyan Corn. The UK viewed us as vermin.

The lyrics say the convict's crime is that he Stole Trevelyan's corn; this is a reference to Charles Edward Trevelyan, a senior English civil servant in the administration of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in Dublin Castle. Trevelyan famously said, "the judgement of God sent the calamity to teach the Irish a lesson".

Rudyard Kipling said the Irish were a gang of cattle thieves living in savagery and killing each other while "writing dreary poems"

Catholics are the majority in Northern Ireland we should hold a referendum and take back our country.

Ireland could solve the Housing, Hospital, School and Crèche Crisis if we send home all the Illegal Fake Illegal Refugees and Student overstayers.

Pensioners should be the first to get a large increase and help with heating remember they built this country and retire at 65 and the children’s Allowance and Doubled at Christmas, ONLY TO KIDS WHO LIVE IN IRELAND.

Irish People says a big thank you to the Choctaw Nation and the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid for the food and monies gifted to us in the Famine. Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid wanted to send 10 times the money, Queen Victoria asked not to supersede her. The Crown thought we were vermin.

Saint Patrick, Erskine Childers, Jim Larkin, Jimmy Greaves, President Biden, Mohamed Ali, Dusty Springfield, John F Kennedy, Aidan Quinn, Michael Caine, Daniel Day Lewis, Ronald Regan, Tipp O Neil, President de Gaul, Pat Roach, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul Mc Cartney, Jimmy Nail, Patrick Duffy, Tom Cruise, Anthony Quinn, Barack O Bama, Jimmy Nail, Sting, George Clooney, Lafcadio Hearn, TE Lawrence, Phil Lynott, Piers Morgan, Jim Davison, Jonny Logan, Peter o’Toole, Tony Blair, Kitty Linn O'Neil, Kevin Mc Carthy, Mike Hoare and James Cagney, Tyson Fury, Alan Rickman. None born in Ireland all have Irish Blood and we claim them all.

Never forget Fianna Fail and the Greens wanted to remove medical cards from our pensioners and give it to non-Irish and brought the IMF into Ireland. In 2013 Ireland held the presidency why did not Enda Kenny and Labour did not bring up Greece's 3 haircuts and the paid unsecured bond holders. €60bn interest paid on national debt over last decade. Past governments put us here, our grandchildren will never forgive us and will pay for years to come.

Michael Collins

Irelands Hero

Phil Lynott

Irelands Hero born in Staffordshire near Birmingham

Christine Buckley

Irelands hero Amazing Black Irish Woman a bridge should be named after Christine. #BlackLivesMatter   #IrishLivesMatter