Our Issues

 1. No more immigrants from outside Europe for the next 10 years. When they come to Ireland by whatever route, they should be sent back to where they came from. We are an island with no direct flights from Georgia, Albania, Africa and Asia. It is a SCAM. Yes, Ireland has to help refugees. In the first 9 months of this year 2022,  19,000 people claimed political asylum here that came from another safe coutry this 19.000 people can claim legal fees of nearly 1 trillion in legal fees alone. Not 4* hotels free medicial cards, free dental and glases, free food. going out money and free prams while 170 Irish men and Women die of homeless. SEND THEM BACK FROM WHERE THEY CAME FROM and help real refugees and the Ukraines.

2. If we remove all the fake refugees, we would not have a HOUSING CRISIS, HOSPITAL CRISIS, SCHOOL AND CRÈCHE CRISIS.

3. The Irish people rejected the Lisbon and Nice Treaties, let's revisit this with Europe.

4. The Working Poor, Common man and woman and the Squeezed Middle are working 10+ hours a day and are going nowhere. Ireland has 11.500 homeless people, of which 4,500 are children. There are 1 million people waiting to see a Doctor, 80,000 women are waiting on a smear test and 47,000 children are waiting to see a paediatric consultant. Ireland is not a third world country. Lets help the pensioners with a substantial rise in the old age pension and bring it down to 65. In Ireland we have food banks and 165 Irish men and women died of homelessness last year.

5. If we had paid our nurses and doctors properly, we would not have to look abroad to recruit nurses and doctors from 3rd world countries. Look at the poor student nurses and doctors Irelands fucture,

6. Look at our soldiers who are so badly treated and poorly paid for their duties. Ireland is proudly staying neutral and we  have a proud reputation with the UN peacekeeping forces, and 48 have died in active service protecting the innocent.

7. Bring back the Guaranteed Irish Brand and the return bottle scheme.

8. Children’s allowance should be increased doubled for Christmas and not given out to NON Irish people, who do not live in Ireland, or to their children who live in another country.

9. Padraig Pearse and the valiant Men and Women fought for Irish freedom, yes we want a United Ireland and Dublin as our Capital, we would gladly accept the Unionists in our Dail. THE WAR HAS FINISHED. Wolfe Tone and John Mitchel were protestants and heroes friends of Ireland.

 10. Yes a windfall tax on the gas and electric companies, put the money back in the people’s pockets. We should never have given away our Corrib Gas for free. Irish people were jailed for protesting.

 11. People earning over €500,000 should not qualify for children’s allowance, peole on 1 milliom a year should not qualify for grant's for electricity discounts, it should be given to the people who badly need it, this is not an attack on the rich and the minimum wage should be looked at. SME are the heart of our economy and the blood in our veins, they need help aslo in these tough times.

12. The banks, financial regulator and the central bank let us down where were they asleep? In 2005 we were €50 Billion in DEBT now it is nearly €226 Billion nearly 45k per person. The Troica Ex-IMF chief Ajai Chopra criticises Ireland’s bailout. Retired Ajai Chopra says the state would have got better deal if ECB had not been part of troika, 750k mortgage payers in are that are charged highest interest rates Europe, the same banks we bailed out, why did we bailout the unsecured bonds holders, why do we have vulture funds or cuckoos nest here and give away our gas and fishery rights.

13. Greece and Iceland got 3 haircuts from Europe, they have F16 Destroyers and subermines we hve nothing and dont pay our defence forces a fair living wage, lets go and ask Europe for our haircut, they tell us Ireland is a rich country but yet, 170 Irish men and women died of homelessness last year. 2 teachers, 2 doctors, 2 tradesmen and women can not afford to buy or rent a house, while fake asylum seekers get 4 star hotels, medical cards and €50,000.00 in legal fees, while we have Irish people going hungry.

14. Slaughtering animals without stunning them first should be outlawed in this country as it is inhumane.

15. Open up our power stations again to power the country Energy Inpendence and cut turf if needed. come out nof the Paris climate agreement we are 000.1% and take all the green taxes away. Do not decrease our heard quota Irish Beef is the best in the world along with our Butter. Install more solar panels Subside, wave technology and wind turbines in the right places and give out bins for water harvesting FREE WATER. Subside public travel.

 16. Free speech is gone in Ireland. If you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book, there is a good chance you may be killed: It's called MULTICULTURALISM. What did we fight for in the 1916 Rising?  Irish FREEDOM.

 17. Mna Na hEireann are at the centre of our culture and history, wht did Ireland send smear tests to Americia and we should do more for gender equality, equal pay and child care and peroid shaming. Why do we do smear tests in countries outside Irland, because we would rather spend them on Fake Illegal Refugees.fo 5.000 - 10.000 km away. Ireland says no to FGM, child brides and stoning women adulteries to death.

 18. We need to help people with Mica and the other issues surrounding their homes.

 19. People with disabilities are being discriminated against in Ireland as it was the last country, to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of. People with Disabilities in March 2018, which was signed up to in 2007, with NO implementations applied as of now. Article 19 states that disabled people have the right to live in the
community and have access to a range of in-home and other supports including Personal Assistants.  

20. Up to 2017 the goverment scraped the tax relief for renters worth 1.400 euros, this needs to be reversed and doubled.     

21.  Any healthy man or women who have been on the Dole for 5 years should have there money cut by 50% and do a Drug test every month Law and Order.

22. Any man or women with over 100 convictions should loose social housing, medical cards and the dole, go to work, Law and Order should be prioritised and crime is up in all areas.

23. we should do more for travellers kids to fully complete their education till leaving cert and further education.

24. Ban Somking, like we banned somking in the pubs

25. Our army is the weakest in Europe, Russia had ships off Ireland last year and we could not defend Ireland, we need to spend money on Defence, not fake refugees.

26. Tuskar Rock need to be invesgated and the British need to tell the truth and pay up. The same aircraft crashed in Ashourne Co Meath and Bristol UK.

27. Pedofiles and Sex offenders should not be able to change their name and be tagged for life.

28. Ireland is staying netural, peace keeping is in our blood not the operossor.